Alien Blue Is Now Reddit's Official iOS App

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Alien Blue, the hands down best way to browse reddit for iOS users, is now a part of the reddit family.

Reddit has just announced the acquisition of Alien Blue, and with it a slight rebranding a price structure shift.

Not a name rebranding – just a logo. It's still going to be called Alien Blue as opposed to taking on a more specific to reddit name, but the app logo is changing a bit.

The icon on the left is the new version. It bears a resemblance to the icon for reddit's AMA-specific iOS app, which was just launched last month.

It's an entirely new app, so you need to download it again. Current Alien Blue users know that the iPhone app is free – but you could pay $1.99 to upgrade to the PRO version.

Well, if you already have PRO version, it's going to go away for a second (as reddit has "no way to verify, credit, or transfer your old Pro account due to app transfer limits). But don't worry, reddit's going to let you have PRO for free if you snag it within the next week. So, for people who hadn't bought PRO already – well, here's your chance to beat the system and get it for free.

Also, the normally $3.99 iPad app will be free until reddit can integrate it with the iPhone app.

You can snag the new Alien Blue now in the App Store. But before you do, you should probably read this:

This is a brand new download, so current users, be sure to get it and then transfer your settings before you remove the old app.You can transfer many of your customized settings to the new version (including subreddit groups, filters, and Imgur uploads) if you:

Launch the older version of Alien Blue and tap “Settings” > ”Advanced Settings” > “Privacy Settings” > “Export Settings to Clipboard”
In the new Alien Blue app, tap “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Privacy Settings” > “Import Settings from Clipboard”

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