Alicia Silverstone: Her Failed Movie Career, Successful Theatre Life, And Her Quest To Change The World

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Alicia Silverstone will forever be Cher from Clueless in the minds of the masses. Or perhaps she will remain an eternal Aerosmith video girl to many.

But, some know that Alicia Silverstone has a surprisingly successful career in theatre and has played some major parts in some serious plays.

And, in spite of her seemingly failed movie career, Alicia Silversone is exceedingly happy.

Alicia Silverstone recently revealed to The Guardian her feelings about starring it what seemed like highly sexual roles, like the Aerosmith videos and The Crush, when she was only a teenager.

She said, "I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I was just being. I know The Crush was a very serious acting role for me and I fought hard to get it. I didn’t think of it as sexual at all. I didn’t feel like I was going out there and shaking my booty."

She added, "In the Aerosmith videos, when Marty [Callner], the director, and I talked about doing "Crazy", the one with Liv Tyler, we plotted it out together. Right away I said, 'I’m not going to strip. I’ll be the man.'"

Alicia Silverstone also spoke of her brief movie career. She admitted that she didn't even start out wanting to be in movies and when her career came full circle back to theatre, only then was she truely where she felt she wanted to be.

Alicia Silverstone said, "I was so overwhelmed. I was just a theatre kid. I never wanted to be in movies or TV. There’s no support or schooling on what do you do when you suddenly found yourself famous as a young woman. It was just too much for me. So I decided I would use this to spotlight something that is very meaningful to me."

She added, "I went on a quest to change the world, to make things better – for children, for the earth, for animals. I wasn’t paying attention to my career, I was paying attention to something else. And then one day I went, 'Wait, I want to act, too, what’s going on?'"

Alicia Silverstone also said, "There’s a lot more to it that obviously is personal and private. But that’s where I’m at. I can happily have a husband and a child and a life, and I get to contribute in a really meaningful way to the world and I also get to be an actress. And that’s a wonderful thing to be."

What is your favorite Alicia Silverstone character to date on the stage or screen?

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