Alicia Silverstone and Amy Schumer: Clueless About Fashion?

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Alicia Silverstone was already turning heads when the movie Clueless came out 20 years ago. After that film hit, Silverstone enjoyed a reputation based largely on her character, Cher, from the film. Everyone thought Alicia Silverstone was a real fashion icon.

The big secret, Clueless costume designer Mona May reveals now, is that Silverstone was a bit clueless about fashion.

"[Alicia] was really young, and I don't think she was really experienced with high fashion. When we brought all this crazy stuff, it was a little bit new to her," May said. "We almost had to educate her on how do you wear the clothes, how do you feel in the clothes? It's a whole different thing of running around with your dogs in your sweatpants, as she always does to this day."

"She was Cher in the sense of the innocence," May explained, making the connection between Silverstone and her character. "Cher was never contrived, and I think Alicia's heart is open like that, so it was fun to play with the clothes and teach her to be the high-fashion maven."

Recently, Amy Schumer had a similar awakening, and at the hands of another costume designer.

During filming of her new film Trainwreck, Schumer got to know costume designer Leesa Evans. Schumer, like Alicia Silverstone, was not exactly comfortable with fashion.

"Not everyone’s wired to understand how to dress," Schumer explains. "I don’t have that chip. I’ve sometimes not even wanted to leave the house because I can’t find an outfit. I feel best when someone who knows what they’re doing and knows me has dressed me. So ask a friend!"

For her appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of Trainwreck, Schumer hooked back up with Evans for some pre-show dress-up.

“I’m thrilled with Amy’s look from last night. It felt strong, daring and elegant,” Evans says. “In thinking about what dress would be perfect for Amy’s first film premiere, I wanted it to reflect all of the effort she put in as the writer, producer and star. Dion Lee designed a great dress, equal parts sexy, strong and sophisticated. I loved it on Amy.”

“I think the best part of this process has been that Amy has started to recognize that certain shapes and styles make her feel so great,” Evans said. “I love working with Amy because we both believe that confidence in dressing is more attractive than any one dress or outfit. I’m so happy that Amy has found a way to truly enjoy fashion both on and off the red carpet.”

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