Ali Lohan: Model Behavior A Must After Sister's Escapades

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Ali Lohan has quite a legacy to overcome as she begins her modeling career. Namely, she has to prove that she's trustworthy and professional, two things Lindsay doesn't seem to be.

19-year old Ali, who appeared in Lindsay's music video "Confessions Of A Broken Heart" when she was considerably younger, says she aspires to be in the fashion world but doesn't want to use her name to get ahead.

"I would just like to be known as my own person," she says. "I don't need to ride on any coattails. I just want to make my mark myself. I definitely have to prove myself -- just showing up on time and doing everything that you're supposed to do."

Ooh, burn! Looks like the general public aren't the only ones tiring of Lindsay's escapades.

But no, Ali says, she's proud of her sister and has gotten some good advice from her on how to get ahead in the industry (Lindsay must have read it in a magazine somewhere).

"She just says the main thing is to do your best and to do what you love," Ali said. "We're very close and speak very often. Well, the last time we spoke, I guess, was two weeks ago, so kind of often. But yeah, she's awesome."

Amanda Crum
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