Alexis Bledel: More Details Emerge On Her Relationship With Vincent Kartheiser


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Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser met on the set of Mad Men in 2012 and the rest is history. Well, the rest would be history if the two would ever talk about their relationship. They apparently don't like to talk about it much. Fans of the power couple want to know more and that may have forced Kartheiser's hand in a recent interview.

Speaking to Vulture, Kartheiser gave fans a little tease of what it was like when he was first started working with Bledel. The two were filming quite a few love scenes together, but the sparks weren't flying at that point. In his own words, they kept it professional at first - “We were completely professional. We never saw each other out. We never—it was nothing, it was just work.”

Despite their professionalism, the cast and crew saw sparks where there were apparently none before. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner says that he gave Kartheiser a little nudge in the right direction, but won't take credit for the two hooking up:

“Honestly, they’re a really good match. They’re both very down to earth, with a sense of responsibility and strong family ties. And they’ve been acting since before they can remember, which makes for a very special personality. It’s not just that I thought they would look cute together.”

Despite the small tidbits coming from Kartheiser and the crew of Mad Men, Bledel herself has been very mum on her relationship with Kartheiser. She's definitely not the kind of personality to sing from the hilltops about her relationship with her official Twitter account being all but abandoned. Her last tweet was made on July 4 last year and her Instagram account hasn't been updated since January. Her Facebook fan page is also woefully outdated. You could make the argument that she's just busy, but it might also be that she just doesn't like the spotlight outside of her roles in television and film.

Even so, she can't keep all the details of her relationship hidden. Back in March of last year, Us Weekly revealed that Bledel and Kartheiser had gotten engaged. The two haven't announced a formal wedding date, however, and probably won't to avoid the unwanted attention it would receive. After all, celebrities are people too.

Fans can catch Bledel and Kartheiser together in the final season of Mad Men currently airing on AMC. The second episode airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

Image via HallmarkHallofFame/YouTube