Alexandria Chery: Did Mom's Boyfriend Kill Her?

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The body of a decomposing woman was located on Friday near Interstate 4 in Florida.

Orange County law enforcement officials have finally confirmed that it is indeed the body of missing Orlando, Fl. teenager Alexandria Chery.

Orange County Sheriff's Captain Angelo Nieves knew there was "great anticipation trying to determine if it was Alexandria Chery or not", but his department wanted to be entirely sure that it was indeed the missing teen's remains that were discovered.

The authorities worked “slowly and methodically” according to Nieves, making a concentrated effort “to preserve all the evidence that [was] available” in the location where the body was found.

Everything at the scene will play an important role in the effort to bring her killer to justice.

The body was removed from the location and, following a meticulous autopsy, was eventually identified it as being Chery.

Law enforcement officials already have a suspect in custody who they feel may be responsible for harming the missing 16-year-old girl.

Sanel Saint Simon is currently being held in the Orange County Jail. The 43-year-old is the boyfriend of the young girl’s mother.

Saint Simon is the “prime suspect in the disappearance” of Chery according to Undersheriff Rey Rivero.

Alexandria Chery was first reported missing by her mother on Monday. She came home to a terrifying scene.

Blood was splattered in her daughter’s room and the sheets were stripped from the bed. A pair of men's underwear, which had been bleached, were also found at the scene.

Law enforcement have not shared if they believe the men’s underwear belong to Saint Simon, although they did state that he asked a family member to lie about having borrowed his car recently.

Saint Simon, who is currently being held on a $7,650 bond, has not cooperated with authorities since his arrest.

A vigil was held on Friday evening for Chery.

Her friends and family had desperately hoped against hope that she was still alive, only to have that hope dashed to pieces.

Awareness of the case and support for the missing young woman was raised largely through social media channels and the use of the hashtag #BringAlexHome.

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