Alec Baldwin Tries His Hand At Rapping For Worthy Cause [VIDEO]

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Alec Baldwin may be starting a career as a rap artist. The actor was recently seen rapping in a video that Chance the Rapper posted on Instagram. The video shows Chance beatboxing while Baldwin raps beside him. This unlikely collaboration came about because Baldwin and Chance the Rapper took part in a fundraiser for Young Chicago Authors, an organization that Chance holds close to his heart. They were joined at the event by Alfre Woodard and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali. The Young Chicago Authors is an organization that “engages youth in the act of storytelling through spoken word, verse, traditional journalism, playwriting, fiction and many other forms”.

Chance the Rapper wrote on his Instagram post, “This is me beatboxing while Alec Baldwin raps, he is for the people. Him, Alfred Woodard and Ali from Tribe came thru the city to help raise money for YCA, the organization that built and developed myself and @Malcolmlondon into the leaders we have become. Give it up for them. Beautiful leaders we can all learn from #Chicago #LongLiveTheYoung #YCA.”

Chance and Baldwin performed the song live to promote the YCA’s Louder than a Bomb poetry festival. The lyrics are actually taken from Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Chicago”.

Alec Baldwin and Chance the Rapper have a lot more in common than you would believe. Both of them are philanthropists, with Chance being involved in a lot of charities and organizations in his hometown of Chicago. He frequently speaks out about the dangers of gun violence in Chicago communities.

Chance the Rapper burst onto the scene with his mixtapes 10 Day and Acid Rap, with Acid Rap securing his spot as one of the best upcoming rappers in recent years. The mixtape received critical acclaim and was included in several “Best Albums of 2013” lists. In January 2015, Chance the Rapper was listed #7 on the "Forbes 30 under 30" 2015 music list.

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