Alanis Morissette Gets Into Politics

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She wouldn't be the first. Canadian songstress and supposed former infatuation junkie, Alanis Morissette, has taken her talents into the realm of politics.

California congressional candidate Marianna Williamson already has the endorsement of many celebrities, but now she can add an official campaign song to her lineup, this one penned by Morissette herself.

"I was attempting to capture the passion, mission, activism, deep humanity and tenderness of Marianne, the new political sensibility she represents and the consciousness that produced it," Morissette writes. "Recording at Sunset Sound with my bandmates, Marianne came by and visited. We all huddled together as the song was recorded. I love this song. I love this woman, and I love a world that would vote for her."

The song is called "Today".

Other politicians have had the benefit of having songs written for their campaigns.

One famous example is "Come Together", by the Beatles. Though credited to Lennon-McCartney, the song was written by John Lennon for Timothy Leary's campaign for governor of California. That candidacy ended before it really began when Leary was arrested for marijuana possession. The Beatles ended up putting "come Together" on Abbey Road, instead.

Musician wrote a campaign song for Barack Obama called "Yes We Can". The lyrics were made up entirely of words spoken by Obama himself, ironically in a concession speech. But the song and video became linked with the Obama campaign that went on to win the Presidency.

Lots of candidates have adopted songs as their campaign themes, thought they were not written specifically for the campaign, like this one was written by Alanis. In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt famously used "Happy Days Are Here Again".

And some candidates get into hot water for using songs written and sung by people who are opposed to what that candidate stands for, like John Mellencamp has told Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

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