AdWords Terms and Conditions Get Clarification

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AdWords API has received an update under it's terms and conditions section. This is okay though, as Google reminds us, they reserve the right to change the terms at any time. They also stress the fact that by continuing to use AdWords, we have agreed to the terms. Also, they insist that if you can't agree to the terms, you may stop using AdWords.

Thank you Google and AdWords. I'm sure the changes are fine, but you do make it sound rather ominous. They do state that the changes are in an effort to clarify and improve the service. Sounds strangely familiar? Anyhow, before you write to your local lawmakers, take a look at what has changed from the Google+Ads+Developer+Blog%29">mouth of Google themselves:

Below is an overview of what has changed:

1). We’ve updated the definition of an AdWords API client. In addition, we’ve modified the definition of an “End-Advertiser-Only AdWords API Client” (section I).

2). We clarify when we may terminate a token for non-use (section II.1).

3). We’ve added a clause specifying that a token may only be used for the applications/tools that it was approved for in the application process, and that we need to be notified of any changes (section II.5).

4). We’ve clarified the “Copying Data” section of the co-mingling clause to ensure that users manually import or export all campaigns (section III.2.c.ii).

5). We will now require clients to contact Google within 15 days of a change of control via written notice and re-application for a token (section IV.16).

6). We’ve added an "experimental program" clause and are deprecating our current 4-month deprecation clause (section IV.2.a). We are giving people 4 months notice before these changes take effect (section IV.17).

When they use the term "we" so often, it sounds like they are trying to diffuse responsibility. Regardless of the ominous tone, there doesn't seem to be anything inherently evil here. Though it does go a long way to make an otherwise boring piece of news seem rather interesting. AdWords has updated their terms and conditions. May they bring you happiness in the years to come.

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