Why Do You Need to Perform Web Analytics and How to Do It?

Why exactly do you need to perform web analytics and how do you do it? Learn more about this specialization below. ...
Why Do You Need to Perform Web Analytics and How to Do It?
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Web analytics is a crucial part of the online marketing plan. It allows businesses to analyze their websites, find solutions to boost traffic and track information like sales, conversions, clicks, and page views.

    Due to web analytics, you can customize your website content to make it more attractive to site users. Find out what tasks web analytics performs and how it helps businesses.

    What Is Web Analytics?

    Web analytics is a system for analyzing the effectiveness of promotion methods and evaluating their results. Getting digital analytics consulting is necessary when it comes to improving your business strategy and sales. It allows you to measure a company’s efforts to advertise its product on the Internet.

    How Does It Help Business?

    Competition on the Internet is so high that even companies with a long history have to fight for their position. Web analytics helps you choose those methods for improving the content that will have the maximum effect and keep users attracted to your product.

    Analysts optimize and automate the process of distributing information about a product, saving time and money on advertising.

    Types of Analytics

    There are various types of web analytics, each of which serves a specific purpose.

    First, there is classic web analytics, which focuses on analyzing data related directly to the website itself. This includes metrics such as visitor counts, session duration, page views, and navigation patterns.

    The other crucial type is end-to-end marketing analytics. It determines the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotional activities. This analytics involves tracking traffic sources, conversions, user engagement with marketing content, and the influence of different marketing channels on website performance.

    Finally, there are custom business intelligence (BI) systems. They are specific tools designed to meet individual business needs, allowing them to identify strategic opportunities and help you meet targeted goals.

    Web Analytics Metrics

    Website metrics show how effectively visitors interact with your website and online brand. These metrics can identify what information attracts users, how often, and for how long they stay there. So, there are major web analytics metrics to improve your web strategy:

    • page views – measures the number of visitors who saw your website page;
    • average time of page – measures how long users spend on your web page;
    • bounce rate – identifies how many visitors leave your site and go elsewhere;
    • conversion rate – determines the visitor percentage who completed a specific action (making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter);
    • top pages – the method determines the highest-value pages on your website.

    Based on these and many other indicators, analysts build a promotion strategy and select different types of advertising.

    Web Analytics Algorithm

    Here is a brief overview of the web analytics process:

    • identify goals – decide what you want to manage with your website (increase sales, site traffic, or improve user engagement);
    • set up data collection – implement tools and strategies to collect relevant data about visitors and their engagement (tracking codes, cookies, etc.);
    • collect data – collect information about user behavior, traffic sources, and other metrics;
    • analyze data – check the collected information to understand how clients interact with your site (identify patterns, trends, etc.);
    • visualize and report – present data in charts, graphics, and dashboards in order to make decision-making strategies to achieve website optimization goals. 

    With web analytics, you can optimize the user experience on your website more effectively. Such companies as Netpeak US can provide web analytics services to make your business prosper.

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