Google Announces Changes to AdSense Publisher Application Process

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Google is making some changes to the AdSense publisher application process. Starting today, the company says, it will be adding a new step to the review process and begin sending notifications at "two key points."

"After a new application is submitted, we’ll begin with preliminary checks on the site and the applicant’s submitted details," explains product manager Max Cohen. "If the application passes through this first stage, we’ll notify the applicant by email, grant them account access, and provide them with ad code to place on their submitted site. It’s essential at this stage for the applicant to place the ad code on their site, as the review process can’t be completed until the ad code is implemented."

"However, live ads won’t immediately appear once the ad code has been placed on the submitted site," he notes. "Since the application hasn’t been fully approved yet, temporary “blank ads” will be shown instead. These blank ads will blend in with the background of the page, so users won’t see them and the user experience won’t be impacted. As a result, there’s nothing to click on and thus revenue can’t yet be generated. If the applicant logs into their AdSense account at this stage of the review process, they’ll see a reminder that their account is still under review."

After the ad code is added to the submitted site, Cohen says, a final approval decision will be made, and then the applicant will be notified by email. Approved publishers will see live ads automatically appear in the existing ad units. Google is encouraging them to add more units to their submitted site and to other sites they own.

You might want to keep in mind the things Google looks at when determining content quality, however, before you go plastering too many adds all over your sites. Just a tip.

There's more info in Google's help center.

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