Adrienne Maloof Used A Surrogate, Glanville Claims

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Two of the stars of Bravo hit "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are feuding after one accused the other of being dishonest about her family.

Brandi Glanville--ex-wife of actor Eddie Cibrian, who is now married to LeAnn Rimes--said during a recent cast party that Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul used a surrogate mother to have their children but still insist she had them naturally. Her comments were overheard and, of course, drama ensued.

Adrienne insists that Brandi has spoken badly of the couple before, calling it "character assassination", and immediately begins talking about a lawsuit. Paul, however, simply gets angry and insists they leave...but not before he calls Brandi a bitch.

Glanville has a history of stirring up trouble, and recently went public with a story about LeAnn Rimes keeping laxatives in her purse, which Glanville's son found and ingested thinking it was candy. Eddie Cibrian responded with a scathing email, telling her to grow up and stop creating trouble.

But what would a reality show be without trouble?

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