Adrian Peterson's Two-Year-Old Son Dies


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Several news sources have reported that the two-year-old son of Minnesota Viking's running back Adrian Peterson died on Friday. The boy allegedly passed from injuries sustained from an assault by his mother's boyfriend, 27-year-old Joseph Patterson. The report has been confirmed by police who are currently not releasing the name of the child at the family's request.

Mr. Patterson is presently being charged with aggravated assault and battery, although additional charges are being considered by the police. The assault is alleged to have taken place on Wednesday when Patterson called for help claiming that the young boy was choking. However, officers found the toddler unresponsive and he was taken to a local hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. According to Police Spokesman, Sam Clemens, officials concluded that the boy suffered a head injury that is "consistent with abuse." Mr. Clemens also stated that the boy's mother was not under investigation.

Peterson told the media during a press conference today, “I really appreciate all the support that I’ve been receiving from fans, the Vikings organization. This is a private matter and I would ask you all to please just respect my privacy and not ask at all about the situation at hand. Thanks.” Peterson also went on to say that he would playing football on Sunday.

The All-Pro player, who is widely considered the best running back in football today, expressed his gratitude on his personal Twitter account for all the support he has received.

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