Adopted Dog Saves the Life of Owner


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Erin Cramer has a lot to be thankful for these days. She is especially thankful for her family's newly adopted dog. The greyhound named Clobberhead saved Cramer's life in a potentially life-threatening situation.

One day when Cramer stayed home from work because she was feeling ill, she noticed Clobberhead acting a tad strange.

The dog started hitting his head against a wall prompting Cramer to take him outside for some fresh air. Cramer felt the dog trying to bring her back inside, eventually convincing the new dog owner to open the laundry room door.

Once the door was propped open, Cramer understood Clobberhead's actions and realized the pressing danger at hand. A natural gas leak from the apartment's laundry room was causing the pup to react.

"This wall of gas just came pouring out," Cramer said after the realized there was a leak. Her water heater had sprung a leak causing it to spark.

According to experts, the gas fumes had the potential to take out her house and the others around it.

"If it wasn't for him (Clobberhead) coming into our lives, we probably wouldn't be here right now," Cramer thankfully said.

Cramer picked up the smart greyhound from a shelter a few months ago.

Image Via YouTube