Adolf Hitler: Details About His Weird Sex Life Revealed

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English novelist Martin Amis believes that Adolf Hitler had sex with Eva Braun without touching her or her touching him. Amis made his revelation about Hitler while speaking at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature on October 11, Saturday.

Amis was speaking about his second Nazi-era novel at the festival titled Zone of Interest, which is being released 23 years after Time’s Arrow, his first novel concerning Nazi-governed Germany. Amis claimed that Hitler had sex without touching Braun or taking his clothes off because he was fanatical about his hygiene. Believing that Hitler chose to keep Braun at arm’s length, Amis surmised that Hitler would orgasm just from watching Braun lift up her skirt.

“I imagine Eva would stand a good distance away and lift her skirt and then there would be some sort of soggy climax on Hitler’s part and that would be that,” said Amis.

Amis further posited that historians couldn’t figure out Hitler’s motives because so much about his sexuality remained secret. “No-one understands Hitler. No-one understands what he was up to. And I don't want to be reductive here or simplistic or frivolous, but I'm convinced that one of the reasons why we don't recognize Hitler is that he's sexually a void,” Amis said.

Amis proposed that Hitler was asexual after considering a few clues about his personal habits. “But there are no real clues about his sexuality—except that he wouldn't take his clothes off, even for his physician and he was almost fanatical about cleanliness, which suggests to me asexuality plus,” he said.

According to Mirror, Hitler and Braun became lovers in 1932, a relationship which the German people reportedly were unaware of until after the end of World War II. Braun apparently had her own rooms at Hitler’s residence in Berlin, but the couple were believed to never have slept in the same room and were never pictured in public together.

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