Adobe Shadow Labs Release 2 Now Available

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Adobe Shadow, tools that make developing mobile Web sites easier and faster, has been updated today to stay in line with current Web standards. Adobe released the details of the new Shadow Labs Release 2 today. They're incorporating many of the features that users have requested.

The new features added range from expanded development tools to support for new hardware. There's a little something here for everybody so let's get cracking on these new features.

The first addition is localhost URL support. This means that Shadow now works with URLs containing localhost and, as well as OS X containing machine.local. Shadow now integrates Adobe Edge as swell. The Preview in Browser command now works in Shadow with animations previewing in Chrome and all other Shadow devices.

Another addition is HTTP authentication support which allows users to head to URLs that feature HTTP authentication. As part of this, you will see the login/password form on Shadow devices. You can bypass the form if the site URL contains the login and password.

Arguably, the most important improvements come with hardware support. Shadow now supports the iPad 3 with "high resolution application assets" and "fixes to improve iPad (3rd Generation) compatibility." There will also be a version of Shadow soon releasing on the Kindle Fire.

You can also now use a Refresh gesture on Shadow devices to reload the page with the newest assets. Alongside that is URL monitoring with pages/apps that "change URL parameters or navigate to new states using # anchors now work correctly."

Unfortunately, the team at Adobe were not able to implement virtual host file workflows into this newest version of Shadow. They understand the importance of such a feature and are working hard to deliver it.

Beyond one disappointment, the rest of the new release seems pretty great. Check out the new version and give Adobe your feedback for better versions of Shadow in the future.

It's important to note that iOS devices running Shadow will require a new version that will be up on the iTunes store soon. If you want to get into Shadow right now for Mac or Windows, you can download it right now. Check it out and see how it works for your development needs.