Addicted to Angry Birds? Mike Tyson's Got A Cure

IT Management

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Noted pigeon racer, Mike Tyson, is offering a helping hand for those you having difficulty beating your addiction to Angry Birds on your tablet device, and it comes in three easy steps. Or fewer.

Actually, one step is all it takes if you follow Tyson's suggestion.

As it stands, that's an interesting switch for the Animal Planet's newest star, at least as far as mobile devices go. When you consider Tyson was recently at SXSW promoting the new RockLive boxing game, which is designed for -- you guessed it -- Apple's mobile device environment.

Is this a case of biting the ear that feeds you? Bad puns aside, no, not really.

Instead, it looks like the always-captivating Mike Tyson has found a calling that will take him well into middle and perhaps advanced age: being a pitch-man/spokesperson/famous person of interest who's sure to attract attention. If you're promoting a product, especially one geared towards the tech sector, there are worse decisions you can make than getting a controversial, but oddly endearing character to pitch your product.

Whatever the case, the pitch for his Animal Planet, Taking on Tyson show offers a touch of brilliance, if, for nothing else, giving us the opportunity to see Tyson embrace his silly side. Watching him knock an iPad out of somebody's hands was awfully keen as well, because, let's be honest, how many of you have wanted to do the same when you see someone showing off their ability to spend money on anything Apple makes manipulate a tablet device?

H/t to Laughing Squid (via ESPN SportsNation's YouTube page)