Adam Sandler Movies Are Terrible, And Even Sony Pictures Knows It

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When it comes to Adam Sandler movies, we are a long ways away from a time and place where anyone rushed to the theater to see his latest movie.

In fact, it's hard to argue that anyone who turns up to an Adam Sandler movie now isn't doing it (1) for nostalgia reasons and (2) the sincere hope that THIS TIME he'll be "back".

Because everyone else has moved on from believing that Sandler will ever again put out a movie worthwhile.

That includes Sony Pictures.

As it turns out, Sony's recent hacking scandal has gifted us far more than leaked movies. Some of the documents show that members of the studio are perfectly aware that Adam Sandler's movies are terrible—and have been for some time.

One unnamed employee complained, "Although we manage to produce an innovative film once in awhile, [w]e continue to be saddled with the mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films.”

Another said that it was or should be a goal for Sony Pictures to "stop or reduce support for areas that have no more value (Sandler movies, DVD)."


Even though this latest leak is slightly embarrassing for Sony, it is a very useful bit of information for the average moviegoer.

You see? Movie studies DO put out crap movies featuring actors long past their prime. They know it, but must pretend that they don't in the hopes that you trust them enough to give them your hard-earned money.

But now that we know that the Emperor has no clothes, will moviegoers make use of this information.

That is to say, if Sony Pictures went out of their way to avoid spending any money on Adam Sandler and his terrible movies, does that mean you should elect to do the same?

Sounds like a pretty good idea at this point, as Adam Sandler will probably never go back to even being his brand of funny.

It also raises the question of just how many terrible, stale, and generic movies do studios opt to knowingly release each year.

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