Adam Levine's Sexual Problems With Blake Shelton

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If you are a follower of the singing competition The Voice, you probably already know about Adam Levine and Blake Shelton's love/hate relationship; one day they are best buds, and the next they are ready to rip each other's heads off.

Adam joked about his relationship with Blake, during a recent appearance on Chelsea Handler's talk show Chelsea Lately. Adam started off his conversation with Handler by complimenting her outspokenness. He praised her for speaking her mind, and admitted that he doesn't have the courage to be that honest.

Handler then got straight to the point, focusing in on Levine and Shelton. "You're in love with Blake Shelton. You're not scared to admit that." Handler jokingly said. "You guys have been dating for what, two and a half years now? That's beautiful."

Levine played along and revealed that things were not going so well in the romantic areas. "We're having some sexual problems, though," he joked. "Is that on your end more?" Handler asked. "Well, he drinks a lot so he probably can't . . . " Adam finished her sentence by saying, "He drinks a lot so . . . It's a problem," he said, teasing that Shelton has problems "performing". "But it's fine. He's okay. We'll be all right. We'll figure it out somehow," he added.

Handler then compared Levine and Shelton's relationship to his relationship with his wife Miranda Lambert. "I've talked to Miranda about it too," Handler said. "She has the same issues as you do because he's drunk all the time." "That's why we get along, Miranda and I, so well," Levine explained, "because we have so much to talk about between the two of our relationships."

Of course, Adam had to make it known that he is the best coach on The Voice. "I think I'm way better than Blake. That goes without saying," he said. "All jokes aside, he is a really good coach. We all are good coaches."

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