Ace Frehley Home Destroyed By Fire

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Early on Saturday, New York firefighters were called out to a suburban home going up in flames. When the smoke cleared, it turned out that the heavily damaged property belonged to celebrity rocker, Ace Frehley.

At about 11 AM, firefighters from multiple departments arrived on the scene after there had been a report of heavy smoke rising from the home.

No one was at the residence at the time of the fire, and there no injuries related to the fire have been reported. Yorktown Heights Fire Chief Chet Swirski stated that there was a man living in the house. The individual was identified as the house's caretaker. He returned to the property after the fire had been put out, and was reported to have been granted emergency lodging by the Red Cross.

Frehley's whereabouts during the fire are presently unknown. Though he is listed as the current owner, the rocker does not appear to have lived in the residence.

Given the extent of the damage, it's likely the repair costs and his current economic troubles mean that he will not be living there again anytime soon, if ever again.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Ace Frehley, former lead guitarist for band KISS, had been scrambling to avoid having the property foreclosed. The U.S. Bank National Association filed for the surburban home's foreclosure in February.

In 2004 Jendell Productions, which had paid $650,000 for the property, transferred ownership to the 62-year-old guitarist. He was alleged to have owed more than $700,000 in mortgage fees, interest, taxes, and other expenses after having stop paying money in 2011. He was still working to avoid losing the home at the time of the fire.

Image: Yorktown Heights Volunteer FD Facebook

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