Aaron Hernandez: Former NFL Star Involved In Jail Fight

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Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, 24, may face more charges due to an altercation he had with an inmate on Tuesday at the county jail in Bristol.

Hernandez is held on weapons and murder charges for Odin Lloyd’s death. Prosecutors also said that he is one of the suspects in a drive-by shooting resulting in two deaths, which happened in 2012. The former football star has pleaded not guilty for the murder charge and is awaiting trial.

According to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, an investigation will be conducted on how the two men encountered each other. Hernandez is housed in segregation since he is considered a high-profile inmate. In the unit where he stays, only one inmate is allowed to be out at a time. They will also be studying security videos and doing interviews to know how and why the incident happened. Both Hernandez and the unnamed inmate did not sustain serious injuries.

The brawl was over in just about a minute, as three guards were there to stop the fight. After the investigation, authorities will be deciding if there will be criminal charges or disciplinary action against the two.

Reports say that Hernandez is not allowed to have any kind of contact with other inmates even during mealtime or when doing recreational activities. Hodgson also stated that they will be looking into the possibility of a systematic failure on the jail’s procedures or a bad judgment from a staff member that allowed the two men to get in contact. Authorities also said that they have no evidence of the two men having any relationship in the jail or anywhere else.

Hernandez and the other inmate have since been moved to different jail units until all investigations on the matter have been completed.

There was no comment from Hernandez’s lawyer.

Aaron Hernandez's Life in Jail

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