A Visual Tour Of Facebook's One Billion Users

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Mark Zuckerberg took over my Facebook feed last week to announce that the social network had reached one billion users. It was a long time coming, but one in seven people on this planet are now connected via a single social network. It's a pretty big deal (enough for Facebook to create their first TV ad), but just how big is it?

KRDS, a Facebook marketing firm, recently created an infographic that breaks down just how big Facebook has become. The most surprising statistic of all is that Facebook has conquered almost half of the Internet. As of now, 44 percent of all Internet users are on Facebook. It will only take a few more hundred thousand users to finally control a majority of the Internet.

Remember when Facebook said that mobile was important to their future plans? It better be as 600 million of its one billion user base now connect to Facebook via mobile devices. That number will only grow as more smartphones make their way into emerging markets that already have access to computers.

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. houses most of the world's Facebook users. Brazil comes in second with India in third. Southeast Asia is only represented once in the top five with Indonesia coming in fourth, while our neighbor to the South, Mexico, rounds out the top five. It will be interesting to see how these positions change if China ever lets Facebook in.

Other random statistics include the fact that Facebook is now home to over one trillion likes, and that 219 billion photos have been uploaded since the site's inception. The median age of a Facebook user is 22, but that number will probably go up as more older adults join the service to keep in touch with friends and family.

Facebook One Billion Users

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