A UFO Sighting Over Chilean Air Show?

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What some people are calling the most astounding evidence ever collected, is a video from a 2010 Chilean air show at El Bosque Airbase in Chile. The video shows several aircraft doing stunts, then out of nowhere comes a small object that is moving fast! Check it out below!

Leslie Kean, author of "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record", wrote in an article discussing the Nov. 5, 2010 sighting at El Bosque Air Base in Santiago Chile: "From different locations, spectators aimed video cameras and cell phones at groups of acrobatic and fighter jets performing an air show overhead. Nobody saw anything amiss, but afterward, an engineer from the adjacent Pillán aircraft factory noticed something bizarre while viewing his footage in slow motion."

Some people think otherwise, saying that it is a bug, or it is a swarm of bees. I'm going to go with rods. Rods or "skyfish" are cylindrical "bugs" that some say can move at speeds upwards of 1000 mph. Scientists have tried to debunk the existence, but they show up in the same manner all over the globe. What do you guys think?

Veteran UFO researcher Robert Sheaffer, who covered the topic on his "Bad UFOs" blog, told Life's Little Mysteries, "What is truly surprising is how easy it is to create a 'world class' UFO video, and stump the so-called 'experts.' Just get a video of an insect flying around, and edit it carefully so it's not immediately obvious that the object is a bug. Many UFO promoters have such a powerful will-to-believe that they often do not apply any reasonable critical analysis to sensational claims."

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