'A Christmas Story' Re-Enacted With NYC Subway Pole


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For the past two months, theater troupe Improv Everywhere has been brightening New Yorkers' days with reenactments of classic movie scenes. Rocky II, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Jurassic Park have all been featured. Harry Potter searching for platform 9 3/4 and 20 women loudly recreating that one scene from When Harry Met Sally have been particular highlights.

Today Improv Everywhere released the final video in its "Movies in Real Life" series. As teased in last week's Spartacus project, this week's video is appropriately Christmas-themed. The troupe has turned to the classic A Christmas Story for its final scene.

Three children dressed very warmly depict Ralphie, Flick, and Schwartz from A Christmas Story. Together they enter a New York subway car full of unsuspecting commuters and recreate the iconic flagpole tongue scene. The actor playing Flick appears to lick a subway pole and get his tongue stuck:

According to Improv Everywhere, the child did not (thankfully) lick a subway pole. The tongue seen in the video was a false one crafted around a magnet to make it appear stuck.

Though this is the final video in the "Movies in Real Life" series, Improv Everywhere has now stated that it hopes to make more movie recreations in the future.