A 70-inch iPad?


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Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a 70-inch iPad screen you're seeing, and while the option to expand your iPad viewing experience doesn't come from Apple, judging from the upcoming video, it works just fine.

With news about iPads getting ready to rule the tablet market as the holiday season approaches, the 70-inch add-on is a perfect way to accessorize these soon-to-be gifts. Courtesy of Crunchy Logistics, the Padzilla Interactive iPad/iPhone Case allows users of Apple's mobile devices -- in this case, the iPad -- to expand their viewing area from the standard 9-plus inches to a screen that's big enough to hold movie parties with. Another feature, besides the expansive screen, is the touchscreen interface is still available, even with the 70 inches of screen real estate.

From Crunchy Logistics' description:

This interactive case allows you to use your iPad/iPhone with a massive screen that is multitouch capable. Shown in the video is a 70″ version but can be made in any size up to 150″. Jailbreak is not required. However this is an accessory and does require an iPad or iPhone (3GS or 4) to work properly. This unit can be positioned vertically or in a table mode thanks to our special mounting system.

Meaning, if 70 inches isn't large enough, you can always go larger. There's a video of the extension in action, for those who are wondering how a large iPad works:

The video features a "fingers too fat for the iPhone" approach, but it's doubtful a 70-inch extension is necessary to improve the user experience. In fact, if you're suffering from fat finger syndrome -- guilty -- an inch or two more would be sufficient. In the case of the Padzilla iPad screen, you add about 60 more inches, changing the iPad from a mobile device to a home entertainment system. Unfortunately for those interested, there's no price listed at the Crunchy Logistics website. Instead, the developers invite interested parties to contact the company for additional information.

Considering the price of larger high-def televisions, and the technology needed to keep Apple's touchscreen technology as a method of input, it's logical to assume such a large iPad addition will cost a pretty penny. Of course, when it comes to accessorizing devices, people have been known to go all out, sparing no expense. When you consider the solid gold iPhones, it only furthers the point about accessories and price.

Thoughts on the oversized iPad? Would you consider such an accessory, or is something like the Padzilla case reserved for those who don't worry about money?