Google Says You Should Avoid Link Building

You know how you’ve been building links to your website for years, trying to get Google look upon it more favorably? Well, according to Google, you shouldn’t bother doing that. Do you think there’s still value to link building? Let…

No, Google Still Doesn’t Think Link Building Is Bad

For more than a year, webmasters have been receiving a great deal of messages from Google about unnatural links pointing to their sites. Sometimes it’s obvious which links Google does not like, but often times, it’s not so clear. As…

Google Launches Link Building Tool For Affiliate Network Publishers

Google announced a new link building tool for Affiliate Network publishers by way of Chrome extension. It’s called, simply, the Google Affiliate Network Link Building. “Publishers have long been able to create links by signing into Google Affiliate Network and…

Link Building, Facebook & Prison

Today’s infographic round-up looks at the classic web strategy of link building, as well as Major League Baseball and Twitter, the costs of Princeton vs. Prison, and Facebook security. View more daily infographic round-ups here. 10 Commandments of Link Building:…

URL Shorteners and Community-Driven Link Building

You hear over and over again how important it is to participate in the community when it comes to social media and search marketing. Well, that’s mostly because it’s true.

Google acknowledged this in a recent post to the Webmaster Central blog, which we discussed further here.

Links Are The Web’s Building Blocks, And Fear Of Google Has Them Crumbling

This year, as you may know, Google has been sending out a whole lot of messages to webmasters about problematic links. People are in a frenzy trying to get rid of links that may or may not be hurting their…

Your Health Guide to Building Better Muscles

Working out alone isn’t always enough when your goal is to build strong muscles and achieve a better body.  Why? Because muscles need protein and meeting your daily intake is much easier with supplements. Different bodybuilding supplements may include protein…

Hyzon Motors Building Largest Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Factory In US

Hyzon Motors announced plans to build the largest fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production line for commercial vehicles in the United States.

SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites – Bullseye Sea Landing

SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Sunday morning. To date, they’ve launched more than 750 Starlink satellites to orbit.

Verizon CEO: We Are Building A Transformative 5G

What’s important is that we are building a transformative 5G says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. It will have the ultra-wideband that nobody else has with the highest speeds in the world on 5G. Then we are going to have 5G nationwide in the second half.