Huawei Switches to Its Own MetaERP to Mitigate US Bans

Huawei is looking in-house to mitigate US-led efforts to block the company’s access to commonly used software.

Seagate Will Pay $300 Million Over Business With Huawei

Seagate has agreed to pay $300 million for shipping hard drives to Huawei, in violation of US export laws.

Germany Poised to Ban Huawei and ZTE From 5G Networks

Germany is poised to ban Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE from participating in its 5G networks, dealing another blow to the firms.

US Tightens the Noose Around Huawei’s Phone Business

The Biden administration has tightened the noose around Huawei’s phone business, restricting access to older technology.

Seagate Cutting 3,000 Jobs, Accused of Selling to Huawei

Seagate is facing bad news on two fronts, with the company cutting 3,000 jobs and facing accusations of violating US export restrictions.

FBI: Huawei Equipment on Cell Towers Could Disrupt US Nuclear Capability

The FBI has accused Huawei of spying for China and installing equipment that could disrupt nuclear operations communications.

Huawei and ZTE Equipment Removal Will Cost Billions More

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has informed lawmakers that removing equipment from Huawei and ZTE will cost billions more than anticipated.

Canada Is the Last ‘Five Eyes’ Country to Ban Huawei

Canada is the latest country to ban Huawei, becoming the last of the so-called “Five Eyes” countries to do so.

Ripping Out Huawei and ZTE 5G Hardware Cost Rises to $5.6 Billion

The US has banned Huawei and ZTE equipment from its 5G networks, but the cost of implementing the ban has now risen to $5.6 billion.

Canada May Finally Ban Huawei

Canada may finally ban Huawei from its 5G networks, the last of the Five Eyes countries to do so.