911 Operator Criticized For Rudeness Towards Amanda Berry

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The 911 operator who took the call from kidnap victim Amanda Berry has come under fire and is reportedly being investigated by her superiors after the recording was released this week.

Berry, who went missing at age 14 in 2003, has been held captive with two other women for ten years in a Cleveland home by Ariel Castro, who allegedly kept them as his sex slaves. She gave birth to a daughter during that time, and investigators are doing tests to determine who the girl's father is. With the help of a neighbor who heard her cries for help, Berry was able to escape to a nearby home and call police while Castro was out of the house.

After Berry screams her name and says she needs help because she's just escaped, the dispatch operator can be heard telling Berry to "talk to police when they get there" and says that a car will be sent as soon as it's available. And though 911 operators are expected to stay calm in any situation, many think this woman didn't show any compassion to a woman who was frantic to get help before her captor came back.

Berry, her daughter, and the two other women have been examined by doctors and are reportedly in good condition, although there were allegedly repeated pregnancies and miscarriages between the three adults over the years as they suffered the abuse of Castro.

Amanda Crum
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