6-Year-Old Chained To Bed By Father

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A Utah man has been accused of chaining his six-year-old son to a bed while he went to work.

Authorities went to the boy’s home on Tuesday morning after receiving an anonymous tip of child abuse.

Police found the boy chained to the bed and home alone. His father was at work.

The boy was chained to a metal bedframe with a padlock that was attached to his ankle.

Police said that the chain was just long enough to allow the boy to reach the bathroom.

The boy’s father also left snacks and water near the bed so the boy could get to them when he wanted them.

The name of the boy’s father is not being released to avoid revealing the identity of the boy. The father is 28 years old and was booked on four counts of child abuse.

His arrest record shows that he was convicted of felony forgery and theft in 2009 and arrested in 2011 when he broke the terms of his probation. He did not have any prior child abuse charges.

Police are not sure how long or how often the boy was being chained to the bed and are still trying to determine how long the abuse has been going on.

There were no other children living in the home and the boy’s mother was not living there either. It appears that the man was using the chain and the bed as a babysitter while he was away.

The boy is currently in the custody of child welfare services and is being evaluated both physically and mentally. Police say that in spite of his abuse, the boy appears to be in good health.

Why would a father chain his six-year-old son to a bed for hours and why didn't the child tell anyone?

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