50 Shades Of Grey Causes Steak Sauce Attack On Woman

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The book 50 Shades Of Grey has been everywhere lately, its popularity no doubt fueled by the fact that it began as Twilight fan-fiction. Who doesn't want to read about Edward and Bella knockin' some boots?

Apparently, the highly sexual nature of the book didn't sit well with one British man, however; when Raymond Hodgson discovered his girlfriend, Emma McCormick, was reading it he became agitated and the two began fighting via phone and text message. He just couldn't shake the argument even after he hung up, it seems, so he drove to his girlfriend's house, where he slapped her in the face and then threw steak sauce on her.

When police arrived, Hodgson told them he'd done it because he felt the book was pornographic and "wrong". He has since been ordered to reimburse McCormick for court costs and has been issued a 6 p.m. curfew for several weeks. Prosecutor Adrienne Harris says the two have since made peace with one another.

“He didn’t realise that the sauce incident would be classed as an assault. He is sorry for his actions," she said.

The book in question has enjoyed enormous success and is trending to reach the 20 million sold mark faster than The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

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