5 Ways to Promote Your Brand with IGTV

These days, brands that want to be competitive in their niche will first have to accept two indisputable truths—most people prefer videos over every other type of content and consumers are spending ...
5 Ways to Promote Your Brand with IGTV
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  • These days, brands that want to be competitive in their niche will first have to accept two indisputable truths—most people prefer videos over every other type of content and consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. In fact, one study showed that 69 percent of internet users watch digital media on their smartphones.

    Brands should take advantage of this trend by making the most of digital media. One effective way of doing this would be through applications like IGTV. Instagram’s latest feature perfectly combines consumers love of watching videos with the strong appeal of social media.

    IGTV is short for Instagram TV. Instagram users can now make their own channel where they can upload vertical videos. Unlike the short video clips of Stories, IGTV videos can run for up to an hour. This gives companies a new and novel way of marketing their product and developing their brand. Videos can be viewed on Instagram, but IGTV also has its own app that can be downloaded on laptops and other mobile devices.

    Why Use IGTV

    There are several key reasons why your brand should be using IGTV. For one, IGTV is designed specifically for use on mobile devices—in a vertical format and full screen. It’s also very intuitive. Videos play as soon as the app is opened, so you don’t have to browse or search long for what you want. The selected clips are based on the user’s interest. However, your followers are automatically linked to your video content. This means that you’ll already have a built-in audience that you can grow.

    Utilizing IGTV can also mean great things for your business. Aside from pioneering a rising format, vertical videos via IGTV will also help you connect to your target market. It will also be easier for your brands to be discovered by potential clients. IGTV’s format is optimized for mobile devices, making it convenient for Instagram users.

    More importantly, IGTV is developed around Instagram. This means you will have instant access to more than 1 billions active users on the social media network. The company is also considering implementing ads on this new platform, which makes now a good time to hop on the bandwagon.

    5 Ways to IGTV to Boost Your Business

    1. Give New Life to Previous Content

    IGTV gives businesses the chance to utilize the content they already have. You can reuse the most popular videos that you have posted on Facebook and YouTube. Another way would be to live-stream previous recordings. You can also convert listicles, tips, and how-to blog posts into IGTV videos. This approach can help you reach a new audience while followers will be given a fresh look at an old topic.

    2. Offer Exclusive Content

    Use your IGTV channel to share exclusive content with your followers. Providing them with special content on a regular basis will help you to build a dedicated audience. You can share a behind-the-scenes look at product development and distribution, upload interviews with experts, or stream company events like expos, speaking engagements, and social gatherings.

    3. Engage Directly With Customers

    One of the best ways to engage customers is to talk to them directly while providing the information they need. When you show clients that your company is open and ready for answering questions and hearing concerns, you’ll build trust. You can do this by hosting a Q&A session. Use the questions sticker in Instagram stories to gather common customer questions and answer them in a video.

    4. Share Your Expertise

    Tutorials have become very popular on most social media platforms. With IGTV allowing users to post longer videos, your tutorials can be more detailed. Post videos that teach users new skills or explain processes. For instance, an eCommerce store that sells cameras can teach users how to set up lighting equipment and offer tips for optimizing photo quality.

    5. Turn the Spotlight on Loyal Customers

    Consumers are likely to believe their fellow customers even more than a well-executed ad. Take advantage of this by featuring some of your loyal customers on IGTV. They can tell viewers in their own words why they prefer your brand. You can even take it a step further by showing how they use your product or services.

    IGTV is an effective method of sharing high-quality content with your present clients and target demographic. If your brand already has an Instagram account then you’re guaranteed IGTV followers immediately. This will ease the pressure of building an audience and leaves you free to develop better content that will boost your business.

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