4.7 California Quake: Aftershocks Continue to Shake SoCal


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For a second day, small aftershocks continue to rumble beneath Southern California.

The aftershocks are the result of a 4.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred Monday. The Earthquake was centered under Riverside County, but could be felt in both Los Angeles and San Diego. Though the shaking could be felt for miles around, its relatively low intensity caused little damage.

Today, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that aftershocks from the quake are continuing, with "dozens" recorded by the USGS this morning. This is after over 150 aftershocks were recorded in the immediate aftermath of the quake on Monday. The aftershocks were weak enough that they shouldn't have even been noticed.

The most recent large earthquake in Southern California occurred in 2010, when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Baja California. Though this week's quake did little damage, the incident stoked the fears of people who live in Southern California, who are well aware that they live in the most earthquake-prone area in the U.S. Many of them took to Twitter to voice their fears using their special brand of detached humor: