3Doodler Shrinks A 3D Printer Into A Pen

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3D printers are generally pretty large machines that require multiple components to create the lovely models and prototypes you often see. That being said, the technology required to build 3D printers is becoming smaller, and people are making truly innovative desktop 3D printers. Now two inventors have decided to take it a step further with a handheld 3D printer.

Say hello to the 3Doodler, a 3D printer "pen" that you hold in your hand. The best way to think about it is a hot glue gun, but it sends out melted plastic through the extruder instead of glue. In fact, it's pretty much the extruder on a 3D printer without any of the frame so you're free to create anything you want as large as you want. The only limitation is your own endurance to hold a tiny device for hours on end.

The best part about the 3Doodler is that it's cheap. On Kickstarter, the device is going for $75 as part of a limited promotion. It was originally being offered for $50, but the 100 backer limit was quickly filled. Now there's only a little over a 1,000 of the $75 pens left.

What is perhaps even more amazing is that the 3Doodler is proving to be one hell of a Kickstarter campaign already. The device has just went up, but it already has over 800 backers. It has also raised more than $71,000 after only asking for $30,000. I wouldn't be surprised if this project raised over $300,000 in the next month.

You can grab the 3Doodler for $75 at its Kickstarter page. There are more expensive options that offer the pen alongside a number of other neat awards.

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