3D Printed Goldeneye 007 Remote Mine Is Your Nostalgia Prop of the Day

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If you've ever wanted to have you very own, functioning (minus the boom, of course), remote mine prop from GoldenEye 007 (the movie or the game, take your pick) - now is your chance...if you're a 3D printer.

This is as fine a piece of nostalgia as I've ever seen. Takes me way back. Sleepovers, Mountain Dew, playing the Facility map with mines only. Hostile standoffs. Man with the golden gun tiebreakers. NO JAWS, NO ODDJOB. Man, I need to start up the old N64.

Anyway, this 3D printable remote mine beeps, lights up, and will turn any gaming room that much cooler.

And look, you can stick it anywhere. Magnets, yo.

Check it out in action:

If you're looking to make your own, head here to get started.

[ComradeQuiche via Geekologie]
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