Tamra Barney Finally Apologizes To Alexis Bellino

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Tamra Barney has fought with pretty much every one of her co-stars on The Real Housewives Of Orange County, but last year she argued the most with Alexis Bellino.

The women had several fights and arguments during the season, but toward the end Alexis couldn’t take it anymore and was so tired of the drama and bickering that she broke down in front of the cameras.

At the time Tamra didn’t act fazed by Alexis’s breakdown, but after experiencing a similar situation this season, she said that she felt bad for how she had treated Alexis.

After being ganged up on by the other housewives while on a trip to Bali, Tamra admitted that she knows how Alexis felt when she was being attacked by the group and said that she is ready to apologize for causing so much drama with Alexis last season.

“At that moment I had a flashback of Alexis in Costa Rica—and I want to publicly apologize to Alexis for being any part of that night,” Tamra wrote about her experiences in Bali. “I had no idea how bad it hurt to have so many people coming at you like that while being so far from home. But now I do and have learned so much. Like that saying goes—’karma is a b*tch!’”

Tamra posted the apology on her blog.

Bellino was quick to accept Tamra’s apology and thanked her for it, but didn’t seem like she was ready to let things go.

“Thank you for your apology, Tamra. I forgave you long ago,” she said. “Next time maybe pick up the phone instead of doing it publicly, which feels more for attention than sincerity.”

Tamra wasn’t happy with Bellino’s response and issued a statement saying,

“I thought we were good when she left last season. We went to lunch, I apologized and brought her a cross wine glass,” she explained. “I have not spoken to her since she has left the show. All I was trying to say is I felt extra bad for her now knowing what it was like being odd man out. I was not looking for a fight with her.”

While it seems like Tamra’s apology only brought up past drama, hopefully she and Bellino can put the past behind them.

Tamra has been trying to set things straight with some of the other housewives as well. Earlier this month she explained that she is going through some personal issues and is trying to grow as a person.

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