360-Degree Videos: Coming Soon to Your Facebook News Feed

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Facebook's annual f8 developers conference just kicked off, and in the keynote CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that spherical (360 degree) videos are coming to your Facebook News Feed.

We already know that video is becoming a more widely used media on Facebook. Recently, Facebook revealed that the number of video posts per person had increased 75 percent globally and a whopping 94 percent in the US. At today's conference, Zuckerberg said that there are over three billion video views a day on Facebook. That's pretty mind-blowing.

Zuckerberg also talked about the future of content on Facebook. Five years ago, he said, most of the stuff you saw on Facebook was text – status updates and wall posts. Now it's photos. Soon, it'll be video, he said. And further down the line he thinks it'll be virtual and augmented reality.

I guess Zuckerberg is trying to hasten that future scenario, and adding cool new 360-degree videos to the news feed is a small first step

These 360-degree videos are filmed with rigs that sport 24 cameras at once, providing the viewer the chance to not only see all angles of a shot, but also participate and choose how they move about the space. Here's an example:

That's from YouTube, which just recently added support for these sorts of videos.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is bringing spherical video to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and is currently "experimenting with live spherical video."

Image via YouTube

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