2014 NFL Mock Draft: Johnny Manziel Approaches No.1 Pick Again

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Another round of the 2014 NFL mock draft has been released, and this time quarterback Johnny Manziel is placed at the top. A number of players have been discussed as a possible No.1 pick, but Manziel may be emerging as the favorite as the draft comes closer.

He was a Hesiman winner in 2012, and one of the runners up for the 2013 season, as he passed the torch to the young quarterback at Florida State, Jameis Winston.

Johnny Manziel has been hailed for his skills in being able to throw and pass the ball efficiently, although some people think that he may not be NFL material. He could simply have the college style of play, which would not translate well to the NFL, a problem that has happened to various quarterbacks.

However, due to the way that the Texas A&M quarterback performed at the pro day workout, he is being considered as a possible No.1 pick in the draft. Famous quarterbacks such as Brett Favre and Fran Tarkenton have both said that they can see aspects of themselves being emulated by the young player.

It can sometimes be risky to take a quarterback as the No.1 pick, and some people have also heavily discussed the idea of Jadeveon Clowney being selected with the No.1 pick, although in the latest mock draft, he has slipped to the No.5 slot. Clowney is one of the top players at his position, and played as a defensive end at South Carolina.

The connection to these picks being somewhat switched around could also relate to the fact that the Raiders and Texans recently made a deal that sent quarterback Matt Schaub to the Raiders, giving the Texans a more urgent need for a quarterback.

The 2014 NFL mock draft has the Texans with the No.1 pick of course after their awful season in 2013, followed by the Rams, Jaguars, Browns, and Raiders. The Rams received their No.2 pick in a trade with the Redskins, who recently acquired free agent DeSean Jackson.

The Rams are currently predicted to take Jake Matthews, an offensive tackle who has spent his college years blocking for Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M, while the next two picks are slated to go to quarterback Blake Bortles from Central Florida, and Greg Robinson, an offensive tackle from Auburn.

A couple of other star-caliber players such as quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and wide receiver Mike Evans, who were both originally predicted in the top ten, are now set to go with the 8th and 12th picks, being drafted by the Vikings and Giants, respectively.

The 2014 NFL mock draft will continually be updated leading up to the big draft day, which will begin with round 1 on May 8th. Will Johnny Manziel end up going to the Texans with the No.1 pick, or would someone else fit better with Houston's roster?

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