2012 NIT Tournament Bracket Features Strong Teams


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Winning the regular season of a power conference isn't enough to get you into a tournament these days, as Washington is on the outside looking in, despite being Pac-12 champions. Instead, they're the #1 seed of a NIT bracket that features some staunch competition. Considering the amount of bubble bursting that took place over the weekend, this might be one of the strongest NIT brackets we've seen in quite some time.

The Pac-12 looks to be the darling of the NIT, featuring four teams: Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and Stanford.Washington collapsed near the end of the regular season, leading to an early exit in the Pac-12 tournament.

Washington coach Lorenzo Romar said this of the NCAA snub, "We had control of the situation and we lost it"

You can find a full NIT bracket here, or take a look at the preview below.

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Unfortunately, the NIT is viewed as the "Not In Tournament" tournament. An idea which is on full display within the world of Twitter...

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