20% of the Songs on Spotify Have Never Been Streamed

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Today's Spotify's 5th birthday (Happy Birthday, guys!), having been launched back on October 7th, 2008, in Sweden (and a handful of other European countries).

As many companies do on milestone days, Spotify has released a celebratory blog post with some stats about the streaming service. A couple of them we already know, like the fact that Spotify has streamed over a million years' worth of music in its 5-year history. Or, the fact that users have created over 1 billion individual playlists. Impressive stuff.

But this one caught my eye. Spotify says that 80% of its more than 20 million available songs have been streamed at least once.

That means that 20% of Spotify's catalog, or about 4 million tracks, have never been streamed by a single person. Not by a single one of Spotify's 24 million users in 32 markets around the world.

On the flip side of this interesting statistic, here's Spotify's playlist for the top 10 most-streamed songs over the last half a decade. Inside, you'll find Imagine Dragons, Gotye, Rihanna, and Daft Punk. You'll also find Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop," which is the most-streamed song in Spotify history with over 150 million streams.

C'mon, Macklemore. Share the love. There are a few million songs out there that have never been streamed - not even once. So sad.

Josh Wolford
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