1979 Murder Suspect Arrested In Chicago


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A suspect from a 1979 murder case has finally been apprehended in Chicago.

Fox News reports that Ata Yousef El Ammouri, 65, was on his way back to the states for his grandchild's graduation ceremony. Upon landing at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, he was arrested by police for a murder he allegedly committed in 1979.

To rewind, El Ammouri ran a convenience store in Chicago in the 70s. On July 22, 1979, Al Ammouri allegedly shot and killed 31-year-old Joe Harris after he stole a can of beer.

El Ammouri was arrested on a murder charge, but he immediately posted bail. After that, he fled the country and has been until now. Now that he's back in the states, he will be facing the original murder charge as well as a charge for jumping bail.

The sheriff who arrested El Ammouri - Tom Dart - said his arrest should send a strong signal to those who try to skip out of town after being arrested. He said the "passage of time does not erase our commitment to bringing fugitives to justice."

[Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office]