'19 Kids and Counting' Cousin Amy Duggar Engaged

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19 Kids and Counting cousin Amy Duggar is engaged. Amy is the daughter of Jim Bob Duggar's sister, Deanna Duggar and Terry Jordan. Amy was born out of wedlock, which was a bit scandalous for the conservative Christian Duggar family a while back.

That scandal was nothing, however, compared to the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal that has rocked the 19 Kids and Counting family in the past couple of months.

Amy Duggar is outspoken about her life and the fact that Christians aren't perfect. She doesn't share the notion of courting the way Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughters do, preferring instead to date. She dated Dillon King, in fact, and now the two are engaged to be married.

The 19 Kids and Counting cousin shared her exciting news via Instagram on Monday.

"I'm so happy to announce ... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!! He loves the Lord, he makes me laugh uncontrollably, he's loyal, he's patient, he's my best friend! Of course I said yes!! l love you so much! @kingdillpickle #DillandDuggsforever," Amy Duggar captioned her post.

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Amy Duggar's father's past has recently come back to create yet another shocking media scandal for the 19 Kids and Counting family member. He was accused many years ago of having not only contracted genital herpes, but to have knowingly passed it on to a woman with whom he engaged in unprotected sex.

Amy addressed the media recently about the scourges in her family's past--and present.

"Just because I share the Duggar name doesn't mean my life is perfect!" she said. "God knew my uncle would have a hit show and that somehow I would be apart of it. He knew my parents story would be told. How amazing is that?! Your testimony is everything. Everyone struggles, and sins differently. but Jesus paid it all!!"

Amy Duggar hasn't announced when she and Dillon King will tie the knot. Do you expect the entire 19 Kids and Counting family will attend the nuptials?

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