19 Arrested At Mall After Boy Band Performance

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19 people were arrested on Saturday at Ford City Mall in Chicago, officials said, after wreaking havoc inside the building and then jumping on top of cars--both moving and parked--in the parking lot.

The disturbance came about 30-45 minutes after the band Mindless Behavior performed in the food court to promote the release of their new album, "All Around The World"; police were dispatched to control the crowd after receiving several reports of disturbances and injuries and say at least two people were hurt in the melee.

"A group of older youths came into the mall with the intent of causing havoc and chaos and were running through the mall, screaming, yelling and so forth," mall manager John Sarama said.

Officials are still trying to figure out what exactly caused the disturbance. There were no reports of serious damage to property, and the mall reopened at normal business hours after closing early on Saturday night. Of those arrested, the ages ranged from 13 to 18 years old.

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