14 Year-old Boy Beaten by Thug Schoolmates


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Two teens are likely to face charges after recently, brutally beating one of their schoolmates. The teens videoed themselves horrifically beating the subject with their cellphone.

The more disturbing thing is, when the teens posted the video to their Facebook, more than 25 of their friends ""Liked" the video. The mother of the victim has asked authorities to take action against the boys that acted violently against her son. She said the the posting of the video was a move that "wasn't smart".

Apparently, the boy was walking home from school, when he was attacked, unprovoked, by the three thugs. One held a camera while the other two beat him mercilessly, kicking and punching him repeatedly shouting expletives and racial slurs.

The mother of the boy, Trina McNeil told the Flint Journal:

"I want to let other people know that this is not something you can do and get away with it."

The victim says he had never before even bickered with the assailants and he truly feels the fight was fully unprovoked. Mrs. McNeil feels that, the fact the boys recorded the whole incident indicates the assault was premeditated. The video has been turned over to proper authorities who plan to review it, identify the assailants and bring them to proper justice. The young boy escaped to safety by running and hiding in a nearby car, he then went to hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.