12-Year Old Guilty Of Murder Of Neo-Nazi Father

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A 12-year old boy has been found guilty of murder after the shooting death of his father in 2011.

Joseph Hall was just ten years old when he shot and killed his dad, Jeffrey Hall, following an incident which involved the father spanking and allegedly kicking the boy. The trial was hinged on the fact that the younger Hall was too young to interpret right from wrong at the time and had been raised in a home in which violence was glorified. He originally entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity, but that plea was withdrawn.

Despite a psychologist's testimony that Joseph suffered emotional, physical, and possibly sexual abuse at the hands of his father, the judge has handed down a guilty verdict and could remand the boy to a juvenile detention center until he's 23.

Jeffrey Hall was a known associate of local neo-Nazi groups and was a leader in the National Socialist Movement. Defense attorneys claimed that the atmosphere Joseph was raised in was conducive to the violence which he allegedly planned out for days ahead of time.

Amanda Crum
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