$100,000 Later, Still No Reliable Transportation

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A fun story for those of us who think are cars suck because we're poor and we can't afford anything better. Consumer Reports purchased the new Fisker Karma, electric hybrid plug-in to test and evaluate for their readers. It cost them nearly $108,000 and as they put it, "It is super sleek, high-tech—and now it’s broken".

They only have around 200 miles on the odometer and haven't finished checking it in to get it ready for their normal series of road tests and intense analysis before they report back to readers what they've found. Apparently they pulled it out into the track to calibrate the speedometer, which is a common test, and the transmission deactivated as the dash flashed an alarm claiming there was a "major fault". That doesn't sound good?

After letting it sit, the light went out, but the transmission still wouldn't engage. That left them with just two options- park and neutral. According to the staff, they don't recall a time, even after purchasing over 80 automobiles, that one has ever left them stranded like this. So don't feel bad if your decade-old ride is giving you trouble. It seems even spending $100,000 doesn't buy you the peace of mind you'd think it would.

Check out their video:

The car looks awesome! I don't feel like this is a good bit of press for an up and coming car company. The dealership was 100 miles away from Consumer Reports test track, so that's not exactly convenient for anyone. I hope it gets sorted out, I would really like to hear them review the car. As for the rest of us, we can just be happy our POS are getting us to work everyday. Thanks for the entertainment Consumer Reports.

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