$100 Million Shakira Lawsuit: Ex Is Fuming

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Columbian singer and hip-shaker Shakira is being sued by her ex-boyfriend of ten years, Antonio de la Rua, for what he says he is owed in exchange for building the "Shakira brand".

De la Rua--whose father Fernando became president of Argentina after his successful campaign management--says he and Shakira were in a relationship for four years before she asked him to manage her career and help her build up business ventures. In exchange, he says, she promised him a cut of her earnings, and while he held up to his end of their oral agreement, he says he never received the cut she promised.

"The combination of de la Rua's business and marketing talents with defendant's artistic talents, beauty and sex appeal succeeded in propelling the value of the partnership far beyond anything either had previously achieved or believed possible," the lawsuit states.

Shakira claims that her ex misappropriated funds during his time as her manager, however, and the two are now locked in a court battle. The singer is currently expecting her first child and debuted her baby belly onstage recently, tweeting later that she felt "awesome" while performing.

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