Zombies Get No Respect in the Workplace

By: Chris Gabbard - June 15, 2012

What do you do when the zombies invade your office? The natural reaction would be to cower in fear and be eaten alive. But there are those out there that refuse to go quietly when the walkers come. Those that will grab any implement of destruction available to them and fight off the hoard for as long as they can. In an office setting this is a little tricky. Not much around that can do very much damage. Sure, hot coffee could be thrown in their face but that won’t stop them. Sure, you could grab a handfull of thumbtacks and hurl them in the zombies direction, but that will only make them mad. We desk jockeys are more or less doomed when the undead ones come.

It seems unfair when we are the ones most concerned and most interested in the zombie apocalypse. Sadly, all we have is the ability to pretend we would all be badasses when the world ends and we’re the only ones left. So grab your stapler and your binder and join me in a little fantasy zombie violence. If you’re a weekend warrior zombie hunter this set of stationery is for you:





This set comes from razorfish, and surprisingly a lot of people went into its creation. Creative Director Jacques Pense from Frankfurt, Germany gets most of the credit. Isn’t that always the way with office work?

Client: NBC UNIVERSAL Global Networks Deutschland GmbH
Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Michael Ohanian
Art Directors: Matthias Kracker, Stefan Rösinger
Copywriters: Lennart Frank
Graphic Artist: Karla Kurz
Account Manager: Kerstin Stutzmann, Ruben Ockenfels
Post Production: Recom
Production: Frank Schweizer
Published: 2008

New York Festivals – Silver
ADC Germany – Bronze
ADC Europe – Finalist
D&AD – In Book

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