Zoe Saldana’s Weight Makes Magazine Headline

    May 15, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Zoe Saldana appears in a lovely cover shot on the front of next month’s Allure Magazine, but the headline is what’s getting the most attention this week.

The line reads, “Zoe Saldana: 115 Pounds Of Grit And Heartache”, and many are upset that the magazine would choose to publish an actress’s weight where anyone can see it. Maureen O’Connor of The Cut says that presenting that number as a healthy weight to young women isn’t a good idea, and reinforces an unhealthy celebrity image.

“Since numerical representations of weight rarely grace the covers of women’s magazines, we conclude that this number must be special,” she wrote. “Since 115 isn’t a large enough number to suggest defiance, we conclude that 115 is a number meant to represent an attractively tiny weight. Delicate and tiny, making her “grit” all the more charming. Just a tiny little pretty thing, but boy, little missy packs a punch! A rare catch, that 115-pounder, same size as the prize tuna fish.”

Many celebrities have spoken out against the way the media treats women in Hollywood; Ashley Judd wrote a strong article last year after photos of her looking “puffy” surfaced online and she was blasted for either having plastic surgery or for gaining weight, both of which were untrue according to her.

Allure has had no comment on the headline, nor has Saldana. The article discusses the actress’s sexuality, however, and includes a photo of her posing in the nude.


  • dave

    Actually, the cover should read

    Zoe: Why I hate being Black

    • TC

      LOL or Zoe Saldana: Why I hate food.

      • tracy

        You can eat food and be 115 pounds. I am 5 feet 8 inches and 115 pounds because I like food but eat healthy food. I stay away from lots of rice , pasta, and fried food and excercise. Then anyone can be thin

        • Sonya

          No, actually, not everyone can be thin even if they eat all the “healthy” foods. I’m 5’4″ and when I was focused on eating “healthy” and cutting out all the “bad” stuff, the smallest weight I got down to was 122 lbs. Now for all those who think that’s tiny, let me explain because it really isn’t in my case…my hip bones didn’t shrink, they were still as wide as before and my thighs, well they still jiggled like before too. Not everyone is built to be skinny…some of us are meant to be bigger, not overweight, but bigger. The idea that anyone can be celebrity skinny if they just follow this rule or that rule puts a huge amount of stress on already self-conscious young/adult women. Women need to figure out what their shape and size are and embrace it no matter what the world and all their experts say!

    • tracy

      Zoe Saldana has always been proud of being black and always states that she is an African Latina. Or Latina negra

    • JG

      For the record, she’s not black! She’s Latina (Dominican & Puerto Rican.)
      Just because her color skin is dark you assume she is black? Nothing wrong if she indeed was black, but she’s not, so excuse her for not saying she’s a proud black woman.

    • Tanisha

      But…she’s not even black, she’s Dominican. How can she deny being black if she isn’t even black? lol smh

      • C-Lo

        Her race is black. Her nationality or country of origin is Dominican and her ethnicity is Hispanic.

    • Goodwifemom

      I don’t know her whole family tree, and I’m guessing by your comment, you don’t either. Her parents are Puerto Rican and Dominican …

      • Goodwifemom

        @ dave …

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Rave

        Some people here are just generalizing that she’s either self hating or denying that shes black. She was in a documentary where she stated that she is an “African Latina.” I’ve been to the Dominican before, I’ve seen the racism in the country & I think they need a lot of educating. You can ask the darkest Dominican in DR if there black & they’ll most likely say that there not, the funny thing is that they won’t budge no matter what, even when its completely obvious! I have, though, seen some in the US who embrace there race, like Zoey. You can’t wallow in an article pertaining to Zoey without somebody stereotyping. We’re in the 20th century Race, ethnicity, and nationality shouldn’t matter, I swear to God its always in America!

    • aisha

      she’s not black, idiot! she dominican

  • Melissa

    Who’s that?

  • Perk

    @ JG! Learn a little bit about the origin of people! There are black people in the Dominican Republic! In fact more people of latin descent in the island nations have African bloodlines along with Hispanic and Latin originations. Ask a Dominican, and it is all about what they consider themselves to be. Not because of a categorical determination per se.

    • aisha

      that is true, there decendent’s do come from/ part of Africa. What’s so sad is that our people(African’s) at the time of the slave trade were sold in all over the world. Look at us now…OBAMA!!!