Zig Ziglar Dies at 86, the “King of Motivation”

    November 28, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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U.S. motivational speaker Zig Ziglar died today at the age of 86. The Associated Press cites Zigler’s executive assistant as stating he succumbed pneumonia in a hospital in Plano, Texas, where his company was based.

Zigler, the self-styled “King of Motivation,” began a popular motivational speaking company after serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was best known as a speaker and trainer for corporate seminars who motivated people to improve their lives and careers through what became known as “The Ziglar Way.” Ziglar and his company promoted the “way” using a three step process: “will”, “skill”, and “refill.” The programs were designed to give customers the “will” to change their lives, the “skill” to accomplish that change, and the “refill” – a constant stream of new motivational materials that would keep them on track.

The Ziglar company is using Ziglar’s Facebook page as a place for people to leave condolences and memories of Ziglar. The page contains a short message about Ziglar’s death:

Zig Ziglar passed from this world today after a short bout with pneumonia. Though his time on earth has ended, he is speaking with Jesus now in his heavenly home. The angels in heaven are rejoicing and his family is celebrating a life well lived.

If Zig has impacted your life or you want to leave a message to the family, please leave your remarks on his FaceBook page. Don’t worry about being too specific or long. Take as much space as you want…the family wants to know.

In conjunction with his motivational speaking, Ziglar authored dozens of sales and motivational books, 10 of which appeared on best-sellar lists. Some of his most popular books include Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale, See You at the Top, and Over the Top.

In addition to the facebook condolences, people have been sharing their favorite Ziglar quotes over Twitter:

  • http://2011Tax.org Steve

    I remember him for his sales seminars which were very helpful when I got out of college and was starting out in sales.

  • Jack krajekian

    I listened to Zig since I was 17 . He has shaped my thinking and attitude . Thank your for making a difference. You will not be forgotten. See u over the top.

  • Bob Davis

    I never met Zig personally, however I did have the privlege of knowing his brother Judge personally and he was an inspiration to me using the talents that Zig and their mother taught them both. My favorite was when she would wake them as little boys and tell them they were going to have a good day today. If they decided they were not going to have a good day then she would tuck them back into bed and say ok. When they woke later in the morning and came down for beakfast she would remind them that it was not a good day and trot them right back to bed to stay until the next morning at 5 AM when she again would wake them and say It is going to be a good day today. To put it in Judges words, brother we was ready to have a GOOD DAY that day.
    Our prayers are with the family during this time of mourning.

  • Jessica

    My favorite collection of Zig quotes is over at http://www.ranker.com/list/a-list-of-famous-zig-ziglar-quotes/reference. There’s just something about his words that makes me coming back to that list in times when the going gets tough. He might be gone but his words of inspiration will be carried with many of us for a long time to come.

  • http://www.entrepreneurs.iownmylife.net/ Primus

    My deepest condolence to the family especially his red hair wife. I have never met him before but I took a lot of inspiration from his book on his book entitled friendship, courtship and marriage. I used this book as a guide to my marriage and four years now in marriage am still enjoying marriage and good friendship with my wife. Thank God for your life on earth and the gifts you offered to all your readers world wide. May the good lord continue to give the entire family strength to withstand your loss. Remember God knows best that is why he has taken him away. stay blessed I wish you a merry X’mas