Zeepro Announces Affordable Dual-Head 3D Printer, Heads To Kickstarter On Friday


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Dual-head 3D printers are not exactly common or affordable. The technology allows 3D printers to print in two colors at once, but it's so far only been seen in expensive 3D printers from Stratasys and MakerBot. Now one company is hoping to bring dual-color 3D printing to the masses.

Zeepro, a new company out of Stamford, CT, is set to introduce a new 3D printer called the Zim later this week. The Zim is a small 3D printer whose main claim to fame is a dual-head extruder that allows it to print in two colors simultaneously. It's the second desktop 3D printer to offer a dual-head extruder, and it's way cheaper than its closest competition - the MakerBot Replicator 2X.

How cheap? Zeepro says that the Zim will be available for only $599 on Kickstarter. There will be an $899 version with some additional bells and whistles, but it's still incredibly cheap for a dual-head 3D printer.

On top of being incredibly affordable, the Zim is also user-friendly with a plug and play system that can connect with your smartphone, tablet or PC through its built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet. Interestingly enough, the Zim also comes equipped with a web cam so that you can watch the progress of your projects even when you're away from home.

On a final note, the Zim comes with a refillable cartridge for those who want to use their own filament. It supports both PLA and ABS plastics, but it also supports the experimental PVA plastic. Unfortunately, you can't refill the PVA cartridges due to it being extremely susceptible to damage through humidity. That's why the PVA cartridge is kept in its own moisture-proof casing.

The Zim will go live on Kickstarter on September 13. If it's anything like past 3D printer projects, it will be funded within a day.

[Image: Zeepro] [h/t: 3ders]